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The Evolution of Modern Online Gambling 2023

The Evolution of Modern Online Gambling

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The Most Recent, Wild Improvements to Online Gaming

It’s endlessly impressive how quickly the online gambling industry is able to adapt and evolve when it comes to any sort of innovation or enhancement. Technological advances in the past decade have made more possible than anyone could have dreamt.

It’s also led to a rise in competition among online platforms.

With more participants joining every day, from every corner of the globe, the industry is still experiencing phenomenal growth. Every year, the global casino industry is bringing in billions of dollars, up to a hundred billion globally predicted in 2024.

The industry’s come a long way since its humble beginnings in mere brick and mortar casinos. Trends rise and fall, but mobile and online gambling look like they’re here to stay—and we’re glad of it.

Let’s talk about some of the trends that are still yet to come, waiting in the pipeline for enthusiastic gamblers to uncover them:

Back in 2016, virtual and augmented reality really hit its stride as a trend. This year marks the release of the first VR device by Oculus, closely followed by brands such as Lenovo and HTC.

Gamers were staring to see how this new technology could enhance and change their experience.

It didn’t take long for online casinos to take a look into the future and see the potential for improvement. Over the last couple of years, online platforms have even started establishing the ability for their players to “walk into” a virtual casino! Software developers are hot on the trail, creating and releasing games to integrate with these technologies.

It’s even percolated into the traditional, land-based casinos. Virtual reality is a fun and novel way to really introduce beginners to the hobby: they can experience games in a “beginner mode,” simulating what it’ll be like out on the floor.

It’s also a way to help players dip their toe into playing more games and a wider variety. It gives you the opportunity to “try before you buy,” so you can be sure that you’ll love what you choose if you’re on the fence about incorporating a new game into your usual repertoire.

Mobile technology has already made its mark on a wide variety of industries and gambling is absolutely no exception. This is clear through many state records from the United States. An excellent example is New Jersey, a state earning more than 20 million dollars every month solely through sports betting.

A staggering 90% of these bets are made online, through the use of mobile devices.

While laptops and desktops are still in use, most experts predict that their usage will continue the steady decline we’ve seen over the past five years. Smartphones offer unparalleled accessibility and convenience, so it makes sense that players will want to use them more frequently.

Mobile gambling and the rise in popularity, in general, does come with more risk: there are some casino sites that take advantage of their players and thus belong on the warning list. The rise in online gambling opportunities has supercharged this unfortunate reality, as it’s easier than ever to lure unsuspecting players in with false promises.

However, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and do your research, this doesn’t necessarily pose extra risk to you: just be sure to always verify the site you’re using and the data you’re willing to share.

Not long after the advent of virtual reality and augmented reality, cryptocurrencies started to hit the market as more legitimate forms of payment and withdrawal. 2017 marked a landmark for Bitcoin and other so-called “altcoins,” including Ethereum and Ripple.

While many online casinos offer cryptocurrency as a mode of payment alongside more traditional methods, cryptocasinos have really hit their stride: offering new experiences and more convenience for the user and platform alike.

Some casinos even offer different (and often better) deals for crypto-users.

Crypto transactions are easier and safer for many players—and the speed at which you can make these transactions is just another advantage. Forget about having troubles with paypal deposits; with cryptocurrency you’ll be able to transfer money at the press of a button and see it in your e-wallet within hours or even minutes.

Traditional banks are usually stricter when it comes to transactions from gambling sites. This results in higher wait times and sometimes the need to call customer service to authorize and release your payment. Cryptocurrency allows you to avoid that hassle.

Yet another advantage to playing with cryptocurrency is that it’s easy to remain anonymous, through blockchain technology. While all transactions are traceable, they’re not traceable to the individual on the other side of the screen. This gives well-deserved peace of mind to many players.

We don’t anticipate the diminishment of slot games anytime soon, but we do want to note that table games, such as blackjack and poker, are now available online in a new way than ever before: live.

This unprecedented advancement has brought in many new players.

Live-dealt games not only offer a more comprehensive and realistic casino experience to the online player, they also offer a level of companionship and communication that was otherwise impossible.

Live dealer games combine with virtual and augmented reality to create the future of online gambling. Software providers and operators are constantly looking for new ways to up the ante, keep players interested, and attract new participants. The different varieties of games available shows an exciting evolutionary trend: and it’s only going to continue.

The Evolution of Modern Online Gambling

The Evolution of Modern Online Gambling

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