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Personality Quiz: What Kind of Gambler Are You? 2023

Personality Quiz: What Kind of Gambler Are You? 2023

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Personality Quiz: What Kind of Gambler Are You? 2023

Contrary to what Hollywood might tell you, all kinds of people love gambling.

It’s true! Take a look around any casino floor, and you’ll find that most patrons do not resemble James Bond…

… not even close!

What you’d likely see is a great variety of people, with all ages, colors, shapes, and sizes represented. What’s more, if you could look below the surface, you’d likely witness a great variety of family sizes, religious beliefs, political views, with different levels of income, education, and experience.

All of this is to say that, while we are bound together in our love for gambling, when it comes to our personalities, there is, if you will, tremendous variance.

The obvious question is what kind of gambler are you?

Take this quiz to find out!

For each of the questions below, choose the answer (or answers) that describe you best. Keep track of your answers. At the end, see which category you fall into.

Question 1: Why do you usually go to the casino?

  1. I only ever visit the casino with my friends, or to have fun if I find myself in the neighborhood.
  2. To play the games, and to at least break even.
  3. It is my job. I visit to make money.
  4. Because I’m feeling lucky, or because the mood strikes me.
  5. The casino is a new and exciting environment for me.
  6. The glamour, the sophistication, and the devil-may-care attitude are thrilling.
  7. There’s no ‘why.’ I wouldn’t know where else to go.

Question 2: What is your approach bankroll management?

  1. I bring the same amount of money as I would take on any night out. I bet it in small amounts, to make it last.
  2. I take what I can afford to take, and I play with large amounts when I think I can win.
  3. I play with a set bankroll, at defined stakes, and bet only when I stand to make a nice profit.
  4. When I feel lucky, I bet. There’s no need to make this complicated.
  5. I’m still getting the hang of this… what do you usually do?
  6. Go big or go home, baby!
  7. What do you mean, bankroll? Do you mean bank account?

Question 3: Which of These Statements Is Most True For You?

  1. I rarely lose an amount of money that upsets me, or is beyond what I am happy to lose to have fun.
  2. I sometimes lose a large amount of money, sometimes more than I expected, but then again, I have won more too. I would never cause myself serious harm, and my bigger wins have been memorable.
  3. I have recorded evidence of long-term profit from gambling. I could live off my earnings.
  4. I sometimes get unlucky and lose some money, but I don’t go to the casino often enough for this to affect me. I only play when I feel I am due a win, and sometimes I get very lucky indeed.
  5. I haven’t really played enough to know. I may have lost or won a few hundred, probably less.
  6. Sometimes I win big, sometimes I lose big – it’s all part of the experience. There’s nothing like the thrill of these big swings!
  7. I have lost serious money gambling, and it has affected my life in a very negative way. I’m lucky it hasn’t been worse, honestly.

Question 4: What is your betting strategy?

  1. That sounds pretty serious. I’m not that kind of player.
  2. I have devised a system in excel, and I get fairly good results.
  3. The math involved is quite complex… I couldn’t explain it to you in a sentence.
  4. I follow my instinct.
  5. Doubling up works nicely for me.
  6. The spirit is more important than the system.
  7. Tried them all. Nothing works.

Question 5: How do you feel when you lose money?

  1. Easy come, easy go. As long as I had fun, it’s worth it.
  2. Pretty annoyed. I should have won!
  3. I can only control my behavior, not the outcome, so I’m indifferent. What matters is that I made the right betting decision… which I always do.
  4. Guess it wasn’t my lucky day.
  5. It’s so exciting, but I feel a bit down.
  6. I don’t care about the money – they can’t get me down! I’m ready for another spin straight away.
  7. I barely notice anymore. It’s just what happens to me.

Question 6: How do you feel when you win money?

  1. What a bonus! A fun night, and a bit of pocket money to boot.
  2. Good. I deserved to win, and I did!
  3. I expect to win – if I didn’t, it would be time to re-evaluate my approach.
  4. My luck has finally paid off! I knew it was a good idea wearing my lucky socks.
  5. Like partying! I buy drinks for everybody and tip generously.
  6. My courage was worth it. What a rush! I love it when the big bets pay off.
  7. Great! That means I can start to pay off my bookie from last week’s losses.

Question 7: When you enter the gaming floor…

  1. You do so with friends or hope to meet fun new people too.
  2. You focus on the game… the people don’t matter too much. Everyone knows who you are because you visit often, and you may be considered a regular.
  3. You hope there are bad players around to prey on. Some of the better players know you, and may avoid direct conflict
  4. You hope that there is no one else around as lucky as you.
  5. You’re overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds.
  6. Anyone who doesn’t know who you are will find out soon!
  7. The regulars know you, and staff are attentive, even though you don’t go primarily to socialize.

Question 8: After you arrive, the first thing you do is…

  1. Get a drink and have a chat.
  2. Get straight to a game.
  3. Scope out the tables, check the competition, analyze the skills of the dealers, and consider your options for profit.
  4. Get a seat at your lucky table, and pick your lucky numbers.
  5. Wander around trying to understand the layout and get your bearings.
  6. Announce your presence by loudly placing a huge bet. This really gets your your heart going!
  7. Check to make sure no one is occupying your machine.

Question 9: When your night starts, you feel…

  1. Excited. It’s going to be a fun night.
  2. Like playing some serious games.
  3. Like getting down to business.
  4. Lucky.
  5. Lost.
  6. Like the King of the World.
  7. More at home than at your actual home.
  • Mostly 1’s: The Social Gambler

Nothing stands in your way of a good time, on or off the casino floor. You know how to have fun gambling, but don’t take the outcome seriously.

You seldom, if ever, gamble alone, and see the house edge the same way you see a door charge at a club. And if you walk away with a little extra money in your pocket, what a nice bonus! It’s easy for you to walk away from the tables if that’s the way the night wants to go.

  • Mostly 2’s: The ‘Serious’ Gambler

You take gambling seriously, and often play for many hours. You are care about for your win rate, and can be emotionally affected by the outcome of your game.

You are still entertained by gambling, though you don’t find it as fun as you used to. The community spirit is fun, and some of the dealers and other players know you on sight. You are likely to scorn people who you perceive to be making an incorrect move, especially if you play poker or blackjack. They should know better! Gambling is not a game!

  • Mostly 3’s: The Pro Gambler

You are a professional gambler – gambling it is your main source of income. Unlike the other types on this list, you know your stuff cold, and almost never have to pause and think before knowing the mathematically correct step.

Skilled games are your preference, especially poker, where you feast on weaker competition. You may be detached emotionally from the outcome, knowing that as long as you make the correct decisions, success is all but guaranteed over the long term.

Nothing distracts you: not drinking, not the other players or dealers, nor the size of the bets, wins, or losses. You are the apex predator.

  • Mostly 4’s: The ‘Lucky Day’ Gambler

It’s all about good fortune for the ‘

gambler. You may have a lucky number (or several), good luck rituals before and at the table, and you just know in your heart of hearts that your numbers are fated to win. You may even spend your days noticing the lucky numbers the universe is trying to tell you about.

Whether you win or not is a matter of destiny, so you aren’t much for studying strategy. You don’t play often – only when you have that special, lucky feeling.

  • Mostly 5’s: The ‘Newbie’ Gambler

You’re new in town – welcome! The casino is still a novel place for you, and you’re still figuring out what works for you…

… maybe even whether or not you like it at all!

You don’t bet much yet, but when you win, the thrill goes down to the soles of your shoes.

You will eventually find yourself naturally gravitating towards one of the other types on this list (or find that gambling isn’t ultimately for you)… but not yet.

  • Mostly 6’s: The ‘Flamboyant’ Gambler

You love big bets, and everything that comes with them: the comps, the glamour, the on-lookers, the massive bankroll swings. You don’t play just any casino, nor just any table, and you never play for small stakes.

You’ve seen all the movies about Vegas and Monte Carlo, and want to give 007 a run for his money. You love to make a scene with a huge, all-or-nothing bet. You seldom if ever play online – where’s the fun in that? It’s a two-way relationship: you love casinos, and casinos love you!

  • Mostly 7s: The Problem Gambler

Unlike other types on this list, your relationship with gambling and casinos is a dangerous one.

You play for too long, for hours or days at a time, sometimes losing much more than you can afford to. You may no longer feel anything at all, win or lose. Your gambling habit endangers other parts of your life – your profession, your relationships, your finances, even your health. People in your life worry about your gambling, but you brush off their concerns. You’re always one win away from being able to stop, yet you never seem to.

If you think you might be a problem gambler, you’re not alone – we strongly recommend seeking help immediately.

Personality Quiz: What Kind of Gambler Are You? 2023

Personality Quiz: What Kind of Gambler Are You? 2023

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