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Performance Enhancers: Do Casino Games Benefit Athletes? 2023

Performance Enhancers: Do Casino Games Benefit Athletes?

Being an athlete is more than a job or a hobby, it’s an identity. Athletes work to keep themselves in peak form so that they’re able to play with the best and at their best. It’s a complete meld of mind and body to create an efficient and sustainable machine.

So where do casino games fit in?

Casino games have some surprising benefits to athletes looking to up their game (pardon the pun) and experience the best they have to offer. It’s all about balance: you can’t spend all your time on the field, just as there isn’t one single way to train that will help everybody. You have to find what works for you.

Fitting games into your routine will help differentiate you from the rest of the pack—and perform at your peak.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different ways in which gaming is beneficial for all athletes and how to take the beginning steps to incorporate online casino play into your training routine.

are-you-mentally-preparedMental preparation is as important as physical preparation when on the field, and casino games are a great way to start.

One of the top reasons to start playing casino games as an athlete is the fact that they’lhone your decision-making skills like you can’t believe. After playing a couple of games, you’ll find that your brain is moving at a faster rate and you can make those snap choices that are often the difference between hitting a win and falling into a loss.

Analyzing variables, reading your opponents, and thinking on your feet are all skills you can develop while playing casino games. You’ll also experience an uptick in your threshold for patience and discipline—you need both to evaluate the best option, even when making a quick decision. With a little practice, you’ll experience a significant increase in your mental abilities both on the field and in your daily life.

Unfortunately, it’s not across the board: you need to be playing the right kinds of games to achieve the benefits you’re looking for. That amazing selection of slots, where you do nothing but pull a lever or hit a button, aren’t going to be extremely helpful in your preparation for sporting events.

Look for strategic games that really give your mind a workout: poker’s an excellent example of a game that’s going to help sharpen your mental acuity while giving you an excellent outlet for any pent up energy you feel after a sports session.

You might not think of casino games as a form of “cross training,” but really, it’s just an especially entertaining form of memory and strategy practice.

Strategy is absolutely crucial when it comes to playing sports. Naturally, you might be used to having a coach or trainer in charge of thinking up the best way to showcase your team’s skills and beat the competition. However, it isn’t sustainable to fully rely on another person to create a strategy: you’re going to be the one carrying it out, after all, so you need to know how to apply it and when to make a different decision to fit the circumstances.

Training yourself individually in advanced strategy is a great way to bring mind and body together to reshape the future of your sports life and home life, too.

Almost any casino game can help you develop your strategic mindset, from poker and blackjack to craps. Even games that appear to be fully based on chance, such as roulette, involve elements of strategy to help players optimize their chances of winning.

Memory plays a huge role, too—it’s a waste of time to develop a comprehensive strategy unless you’re going to be able to remember and adapt it in real-time. Casino games involve so many elements at the same time that it’s truly an art form to keep track of everything.

Your time, your budget, your opponents, your track record, the bets you’ve placed and won and lost—as you play, you’ll find that you’ve automatically created more space in your mind to hold vital information.

the-importance-of-recovery-timeNever underestimate rest and recovery time, the least glamorous part of the training process. What it lacks in excitement it makes up in potential: every moment you spent relaxing is an investment in your future athletic success.

It’s no secret that online gambling’s one of the fastest-growing hobbies all over the world and there’s one key reason for this: relaxation. Playing games is a fantastic way to veg out for a bit and get into a flow, distracting you from the rigors of daily life.

It’s become even more restful with the advent of online gambling: now, instead of having to fully prepare for an evening out on the town and heading to a traditional casino, a player can kick back and relax on the couch in their very own home. You don’t even need to change out of your sweatpants!

This is one of the places in which games of chance and excitement work quite well: you don’t necessarily have to play strategy games every time you open your favorite platform. Part of rest is resting your mind, too. Just be sure to get back at it as soon as possible to maximize both intellectual benefits and rest time.

Rest time allows muscles and injuries to heal, boosts endorphins, and prevents further damage. Combining this with the increased mental acuity—not to mention the potential for a little free cash in your wallet—makes online casino play a cutting edge solution for any athlete who needs a little recovery.

intuitive-thinking-listening-to-your-mind-and-bodyOne of the most hidden benefits of playing to casino games is the ability to better listen to your mind and body—in other words, to not only trust your intuition but to create an environment in which your intuition is at its peak, and nearly always measurably right.

This happens gradually and without the player even noticing. One moment, you’re an absolute newbie sitting around a table and the next you feel on top of your game, as though you know exactly what to do at all times. Intuition isn’t just the little goosebumps on your arms, it’s a skill you can build and make more trustable than ever.

Poker’s an excellent choice for this as it’s a game where you’re directly competing with other players and you have to read their body language while you figure out the most likely cards they’re holding. We recommend training this particular muscle in a traditional casino so you have the full benefit of an in-person environment.

Watch your opponent. Do they have any tells? Do they sit a certain way, or scratch their head when they have a good hand? Do they just give off a certain vibe? Being able to identify these factors will make you a much better athlete too, as you’ll be able to see an opponent’s future moves without a second of conscious thought.

Building intuition that’s worthy of trust will help you in every aspect of your life—especially in other, more physical forms of competition.

Okay, we’ve convinced you—now it’s time to figure out how you can incorporate gaming and gambling into your routines to get the best results.

The first thing to do is to balance your bankroll. It doesn’t have to be complex; a simple excel sheet will do. We recommend that you set it up to reflect your monthly expenses, keeping “entertainment” as its own category and adding a subcategory for gambling.

That’s the first tip: you should always think of money in the “gambling” portion of your budget as money that will be spent, not money that will be invested in the name of future winnings. This helps you avoid falling into a dangerous spiral of chasing losses to try to recoup an “investment.” It’s just better for your mental health—and your wallet.

Next, figure out the games you want to play. Look for games that align with your personality type and goals—and sound interesting, too. Half the point of this is relaxation, so it should always be fun.

After you’ve figured out the games you want to play, you need to research how to play them. Figure out your optimal strategy, play some practice rounds, and give yourself time to get used to your new hobby.

Finally, consider using another spreadsheet to track your results—both in terms of gambling wins and losses, and any side-effects or benefits you see from adding online gaming to your routine. We’re sure you’ll be amazed!

Performance enhancers and casino games do benefit athletes

Performance enhancers, do casino games benefit athletes?

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